Our mission


We built GreenGrowth because we’re passionate about our environment. We believe democratising access to low-cost, truly transparent sustainable investments can empower investors to solve the world’s biggest challenges with their money.

Our leadership team

Chris Webb


Chris is an environment and sustainability expert with 7 years experience in evaluating and improving business’ sustainability profiles both in the UK and abroad. He sits on the Climate Committee for leading carbon offsetting startup, Ecologi. He studied Climate Change Science under the world’s leading experts in Carbon Footprinting. His work in carbon reduction, circular economy and resource efficiency has received national and international sustainability awards

Marc Hendriks


Professional economist in the financial sector working for investment banks, asset managers and latterly as CIO for family offices. Marc’s passion is to demystify the financial markets for investors in order to encourage their active engagement in the investment process. Marc joined Green Growth at CIO to use his experience and skills to help investors who care about the environment have better choices and make informed decisions.

Luke Harbord


Luke has 7 years experience in senior technology leadership positions, with responsibility for the technology and product strategy and delivery of several start-ups. Luke led product development for breakthrough online wealth management services and built high-calibre development teams across FinTech and other industries.

How we invest

How we invest

Environmental impact

Our investment selection process begins with a company's environmental metrics, ensuring only companies working towards our client's investment goals are included - this could mean the companies processing the highest volume of waste water for our clean water portfolio, or the lowest amount of greenhouse gasses emitted for our clean energy portfolio


After assessing a company's environmental performance for investment, we use third-party agencies to verify our own assessment of a company's positive impact on the environment

Portfolio optimisation

Once we've selected our list of companies on environmental grounds, we evaluate each company's financial prospects - crafting a combination of companies that offer the best financial return with the least amount of risk

Our values

True impact

We will only ever invest in mission-led, forward-thinking companies that are actively solving some of the biggest environmental challenges of the world today


We understand there’s a huge lack of transparency in most existing ESG and Impact investing solutions. We work hard to bring true transparency to our clients, explaining our rationale for investment and showing our clients why we believe they make environmental and financial sense

Making impact personal

We believe the best way of empowering our clients to take responsibility for their investment’s environmental footprint is to show them personalised impact data, from the CO2 emissions they’ve helped to avoid or the kWh of clean energy they’ve generated


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